Lip Lightening


Like skin tone, lip color can vary from person to person. No shade of skin on the lips is healthier than any other. In some cases, a change in the color or condition of the lips could indicate that the lips need more care. However, it is rarely a cause for concern.

Tobacco smoking, Stress, medication, and medical issues can all cause lips to become darker.

Treating the underlying issue should resolve the problem. 

At COSMPLASTIK, we use Q-Switched laser for typically 8-10 sittings to achieve our results in lip lightening and the best part is that it is safe, comfortable and not painful at all! In fact, since we have the best lasers, we do not even have to apply an anesthetic cream. It is that painless. And, it is so safe, you can even wear your lipstick again after just a few days.