Anti Ageing

To push back against the effects of time, many women (and men for that matter) are using COSMPLASTIK Anti ageing treatment system as a way to give their skin a more youthful appearance. The idea behind these treatments is pretty simple. This non-invasive treatment system adds specific anti aging peels, lasers, products, and other cutting edge technologies to your skin to give a supple, youthful skin.

The use of multiple, US-FDA approved high-end Laser technology offered at COSMPLASTIK will help you to accomplish your goals of a youthful face. The treatment has minimal downtime – you can often have the procedure done in your lunch break and return to work immediately afterwards. It’s quick and visible results are seen gradually over the period of few sessions.

COSMPLASTIK Anti Aging Peel is good for preventing sun damage. Naturally this super antioxidant peel does more than just preventing wrinkles. These peels act selectively on all types of pigmentations. These peels lighten the brown spots, even the skin tone, control the production of sebum, reduce the wrinkles, inhibit and neutralize the action of free radicals and enhance the effect of vitamins C and E.

COSMPLASTIK offers Botox. It is a non-surgical facelift that erases forehead lines, frown lines, crow’s feet and perinasal lines, thus giving the face a youthful and refreshed appearance.

At COSMPLASTIK, we offer a range of FDA approved soft tissue fillers for an enhanced and natural look. These soft tissue fillers treat ‘smile’ lines, mid cheek sagging, under eye hollows, marionette lines (long vertical lines that laterally circumscribe the chin) and lip lines and are also effective against deeper lines that Botox is not able to smooth out. It is the soft gel that surrounds and cushions the structural collagen molecules. Performed with an advanced technology, this treatment is safe.