Hair Rejuvenation

We can help you understand the cause of your scalp and hair loss problem and offer an effective, customized solution for it. At our clinic, we provide a wide range of solutions for different types of hair problems right from dandruff, scalp allergies, infections, hair loss and hair regrowth.

At COSMPLASTIK, we treat by Stimulating Growth, Strengthening roots & Good Scalp hygiene.

Stimulation by – Minoxidil, Laser & Growth nutrients infusion

Strengthening roots & New Hair Growth by – Vitamins, Minerals, Amino acids

Good scalp hygiene with Medicated & Regular Shampoos, Scalp Moisturizer,

Hair Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a treatment by which certain medications, vitamins and herbs are delivered directly into the second layer of the skin, i.e. the dermis, where numerous hair follicles are present. The treatment not only prevents hair fall but also promotes the growth of new hair in areas where the hair fall has been prominent.

Mesotherapy gives results in persons having a generalized or patchy hair fall due to various causes such as age related or hormonal hair fall (Male or Female pattern Baldness), stress or illness related (Telogen effluvium), post pregnancy hair fall, traction induced hair fall, etc. This treatment is relatively painless.